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Mars Blockchain Summit to gather top leaders from China and the United States in Silicon Valley

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Over 50 of the world's top blockchain investors,will also join the Summit at the Pullman Hotel.

Mars Blockchain Summit to gather top leaders from China and the United States in Silicon Valley

SILICON VALLEY, Calif.,?Aug. 15, 2018?/PRNewswire/ --?Mars Finance, a top Chinese blockchain media company funded by influential VCs announced Wednesday that the firm will host the Mars Blockchain Summit together with Silicon Valley firm F50 to bring together global blockchain leaders & communities.

Over 50 of the world's top blockchain investors, tech leaders, executives from several world-leading exchanges including?Frank Fu, CEO of HBUS,?Tim Byung, CEO of OKCoin US, Founder of FCoin Zhang Jian, and top investors including?Jeffrey Wernick?who is an early investor of Bitcoin, Airbnb and Uber. Top blockchain-focused VCs include Dragonfly Capital Partner, DHVC, Node Capital, BlockVC will also join the Summit of over over 500 expected attendees at the Pullman Hotel on?August 28, 2018.

The Summit will be one of the latest high-level events that discuss the future of blockchain and crypto, as the prices of Bitcoin and all coins hover at over half of the price-level since beginning of the year.?

"The goal is to build consensus through an exchange of ideas covering in-depth topics such as blockchain technology innovation, market dynamics, and industry trends," says?Fred Wang, founder of Mars Finance.?"Mars Summit will facilitate and help drive consensus among global blockchain leaders."

Mars Summit is timely during the bear market as it is time for blockchain leaders to reflect and think how the future might unfold, said?Vivi Lin, global partner of Mars Finance, who is facilitating the cross-border event.?

"The Blockchain world is divided. Lets get more direct conversation going,"?David Cao, founder of co-host F50, urged more collaboration.?

The Summit will foster greater communications and connections among global blockchain industry leaders including those from?China,?the United States, and around the world,?Kevin Ren, head of Consensus Lab, a crypto fund, agreed.?

The Summit includes one day of featured tech talks, a VIP Reception, and a closed-door Global Leader Forum with over 50 global leaders. It is supported by Blockchain VC, DHVC, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, and many Silicon Valley communities and global media.?

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About Mars Finance?
Mars Finance was established on 2018 through the web, WeChat, microblogs, articles, and other online channels to provide information, data, market quotes, research, communities for users, and build a pioneering portal for blockchain information and its implementation in society. Mars Finance received investments from agencies including IDG, Funcity, OK capital, Futurecap, Manzi fund, DT Capital Partners and others.?

About F50:?
F50 is a venture capital platform focused on finding extraordinary startups in Silicon Valley and investing in them with its network of global capital.

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